An Exclusive Conversation with Shakira: The Power of Feeling Sexy

Shakira is currently the most sought-after artist in the Hispanic music industry. Not only that, but she also holds a significant influence over political leaders and top entrepreneurs. Moreover, she never shies away from standing up for her provocative music videos.

The last encounter I had with Shakira involved her unintentionally standing up a group of prominent individuals, including a big-city mayor, a former First Lady, a First Daughter, and a former President. This took place in 2010 while we were in New York City, where she was scheduled to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting during a plenary session titled “Harnessing Human Potential.” Unfortunately, Shakira was unable to attend due to her busy schedule at the time. In addition to her obligations at the annual meeting, she was also preparing for a performance on The David Letterman Show with James Franco, rehearsing for her upcoming tour, and getting ready for her sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden. Despite all of this, she managed to write her speech throughout the night, staying up until 8:30 am to finish it. However, her exertions resulted in her feeling unwell, causing her to withdraw from the seminar.

It’s no big deal that Shakira was able to squeeze in one more Presidential summit. She met up with Juan Manuel Santos, the leader of Columbia in a flash and declared a $25 million fund to promote early childhood education in their South American home country. Even after four years, it’s apparent that Shakira still has a significant impact on the political scene.

During the Summit of the Americas in Colombia last year, I had the privilege of being present with Presidents Santos and Obama. We discussed the significance of investing in education, and each one of us delivered a speech. I am honoured to support President Obama’s efforts towards early childhood education. As a commissioner, I advise his administration on achieving educational excellence for the Hispanic community in America. Our goal is to enhance the education system for Hispanics in America and attain excellence in education. I admire President Obama’s dedication towards education and his focus on early childhood development strategies. It is remarkable to see his initiatives on top of his agenda, which is rare to find in political leaders worldwide.

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