Angelina Jolie takes on a new role as she transforms into the legendary opera singer Maria Callas for her upcoming biopic filmed in Paris.

On Thursday, Angelina Jolie was spotted on the set of her upcoming movie in Paris, and she appeared almost unrecognizable. The 48-year-old actress is portraying the legendary opera singer Maria Callas in a biopic, and for this role, she opted for a vintage tweed ensemble instead of her usual glamorous look. Angelina wore a gray wig tied into a bun and a pair of thick, wide-brimmed glasses. In one scene, her character walked her dogs wearing a dark suit and a cropped brown overcoat. She completed her look with knee-high boots, a silk scarf, leather gloves, and a vintage handbag.

Angelina Jolie, who is 48 years old, appeared almost unrecognizable while she was seen filming her latest movie in Paris on Thursday.

Angelina Jolie has transformed herself for her role as iconic opera singer Maria Callas in an upcoming biopic. In the first look images released earlier this week, the Hollywood actress can be seen wearing a vintage tweed ensemble, a chunky knit, and some of Callas’ real clothes, including vintage fur items from Massimo Cantini Parrini’s archive collection. Earlier in the day, Angelina looked ultra-chic in a black midi dress as she headed to the set in Paris, while shielding her eyes with a pair of sunglasses and adding some practical ballet flats. The film will follow the turbulent life and legacy of Maria Callas.

During filming, Angelina opted for a trendy pair of thick-rimmed glasses and also donned a gray wig styled into a bun.

As Angelina took her furry friends for a stroll, she donned a sleek dark suit paired with a stylish cropped brown overcoat. This was the perfect outfit choice for her outdoor scenes.

Vintage attire: The actress who won an Oscar wore knee-high boots, a silk scarf, leather gloves, and carried a vintage handbag.

Engaged: She captured the shots alongside her fellow actors while filming in the bustling streets of Paris.

Dogs: Angelina seemed completely comfortable with her furry companions.

Showing a bright smile, she entertained the crew with a hilarious joke while they were on break in between filming scenes.

The upcoming biopic will showcase the life and legacy of Maria Callas, a legendary opera singer who passed away in 1977. The film features actress Angelina Jolie who transformed herself into the role of Callas for the movie. Maria was widely recognized for her incredible range on stage and her tumultuous love life that included a romantic affair with Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who later married Jackie Kennedy. Angelina expressed her dedication to portraying Maria’s life and legacy responsibly, stating that she is committed to meeting the challenge. In addition, she spoke highly of the film’s director Pablo Larraín, whom she has long admired.

Taking a stroll: Angelina was spotted leaving her hotel earlier today, looking incredibly fashionable in a midi black dress. She paired her outfit with some practical ballet flats and completed the look with a pair of sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun while out and about in Paris.

Hectic Schedule: Angelina carried a spacious Celine purse and draped a beige trench coat over it, while keeping her hair straight.

Stylish: The famous celebrity gracefully entered a vehicle that was ready for her, heading to the studio for a recording session.

Angelina Jolie is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to wear some of Maria Callas’s genuine clothing in her upcoming film. The actress expressed her admiration for the film’s director, Pablo Larraín, and stated that it was a dream come true to be able to work with him and screenwriter Steven Knight to tell more of Maria’s story. Jolie has previously portrayed famous individuals such as Gia Carangi and Mariana Pearl. Larraín, who is well-known for his biopics of Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana, spoke fondly of the chance to merge his two passions of opera and cinema with Jolie, whom he referred to as a courageous and inquisitive artist. It is a true blessing.

Angelina appeared remarkably different from her typical glamorous Hollywood appearance in the recently released initial images of the biographical film Maria.

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