“Basking in the Sun and Joy: Selena Gomez’s Fun-filled Vacation in Mexico with a White Bikini Walk to Celebrate her Best Friend’s Engagement”

Selena Gomez has been focusing on her mental well-being and taking a break from the limelight, turning to her friends for support during this time. Fortunately, recent photos exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com show that she’s doing better than ever before. The 26-year-old was spotted in Mexico donning a beautiful cream bikini set while rejoicing her best friend’s engagement alongside her closest companions. She appeared to be in high spirits, laughing and grinning, which is an encouraging sign that she’s thriving.

Healthy and happy: Selena Gomez appeared to be in great spirits during her recent trip to Mexico over the weekend, as part of her best friend's engagement party

Selena Gomez was spotted beaming with joy on her recent trip to Mexico where she attended her best friend’s engagement party. Despite her health issues, which include Lupus and a kidney transplant, Selena looked like she was in the pink of health as she soaked up the sun on the sandy beaches. The singer opted for a trendy two-piece outfit featuring a straight-cut top and high-waisted bottoms donned with a playful design. To complete her look, Selena wore large gold hoop earrings and radiated happiness throughout the festivities.

Radiant: Selena beamed as she relaxed with her friends 

Selena was beaming with joy as she relaxed and enjoyed the company of her friends.

Support network: She's been leaning on her friends for support following her break from the spotlight to focus on her mental health

Selena Gomez spent a leisurely afternoon on horseback with her besties, looking effortlessly chic as usual. She rocked a sleek top and high-waisted, cheeky-cut bottoms while sporting a low ponytail with her flowing brown locks. Her makeup-free look only added to her natural beauty.

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During a fun day at the beach, the famous singer known for her hit single “Back To You” was seen striking poses for pictures with a disposable camera. The photos were later shared on social media by the singer herself, revealing that she was enjoying a celebration for an engagement party in sunny Mexico.

Fun in the sun: Spotted in Mexico over the weekend, the 26-year-old beauty stunned in a cream bikini set while smiling and laughing with some of her closest pals for her best friend's engagement celebration

The 26-year-old was enjoying her time in Mexico, basking under the warm sun and showing off her cream-colored bikini set. She was surrounded by her closest friends as they celebrated the engagement of her best friend. Her cheerful demeanor, contagious laughter, and bright smile added to the already joyful atmosphere of the occasion.

Say cheese! At one point the Back To You singer was seen posing while her friend shot some photos of her with a disposable camera

“Cheese!” The songstress of Back To You fame was caught in a fun-filled moment while striking a pose for her buddy who clicked photos with a disposable camera.

Gorgeous: Selena styled her long brunette tresses back off of her face into a effortless low-ponytail and appeared to be makeup free

Selena showed off her stunning features as she pulled her long brown hair back into a loose low-ponytail and went for a natural look without any makeup. She posted several happy snapshots on social media with the caption “My BFF is tying the knot, so we’re having a blast celebrating her! Future Mrs. Lopez.” According to insiders, the ex-Disney star was glowing as she lounged in a bikini, sipping drinks and enjoying her holiday with her friends. The group also had a fantastic time horseback riding along the breathtaking sandy beach and relaxing by a warm fire pit.

Here to celebrate! 'My best friend is getting married, so we celebrated her! Future Mrs. Lopez,' she captioned a series of happy shots on social media 

Hooray! “We had a joyous celebration for my close friend who is soon tying the knot! Congratulations to the future Mrs. Lopez,” she happily shared on social media, along with a series of delightful snapshots.

Making a splash: The star cooled off on the water while sharing a laugh with her pals

Making a splash: The star cooled off on the water while sharing a laugh with her pals

The famous person was spotted taking a refreshing swim in the water alongside her pals. The celebrity’s close friends have been a great source of support for her lately, and they recently took a trip to Cabo where they had an amazing time together. According to an insider from E!, they had a blast snacking on chips, guacamole, and drinking plenty of water while lounging in a big circle on the rooftop, chatting and laughing all day. They ended their day with a wonderful private fireworks display during a lovely beachfront dinner. On another occasion, Selena and her female friends attended a Pilates class together, working on staying healthy and fit.

Recovery: Selena has struggled with her health in recent years -  she had a kidney transplant in 2017 and also suffers from Lupus

Recently, Selena has been going through some health issues. She had a kidney transplant in 2017 and is also dealing with Lupus. Her recovery journey has been a continuous process.

Celebrating Courtney: They were led by her longtime best friend, Courtney J Barry (far right) ahead of her upcoming nuptials to Sam Lopez

Let’s all cheer for Courtney as she gets ready to tie the knot with Sam Lopez! Her close pal, Courtney J Barry (pictured on the far right), joined a bunch of their mutual friends to celebrate this special occasion.

Always there for each other: Joining Selena on the trip were the group of clean-living girls who have flocked to her side since she left rehab late last year

Selena Gomez and her group of friends recently went on a fun trip together, complete with a sunset horse ride on the beach. This close-knit group has been a great support system for Selena since her stay in rehab in 2018, and they were led by her best friend of many years, Courtney J Barry, who is set to marry Sam Lopez soon. Pictures of their adventure were shared by the bride-to-be and other friends on social media. Since returning to the public eye, Selena has been putting emphasis on strengthening her friendships, including collaborating with her soul sister, Julia Michaels, on a new song last month.

Friendship first: 'My best friend is getting married, so we celebrated her! Future Mrs. Lopez,' wrote Gomez on Instagram, sharing a gallery of pictures from the beach trip

Gomez has taken to Instagram to share a series of photos from her beach escapades, as she and her buddies celebrate her bestie’s upcoming wedding. Captioning it with the words “Friendship first”, she expressed how happy she was for her friend and congratulated her in advance for becoming Mrs. Lopez.

All day fun in the sun: During sunset, the group mounted horses for a scenic stroll on the sea shore

A bunch of individuals spent a delightful day basking in the sun and indulged in horseback riding while witnessing the stunning sunset at the beach. Selena Gomez worked together with Julia Michaels for her recent album, Monologue Part I, and crafted the track Anxiety, which delves into how her pals struggle to comprehend why she struggles to sleep peacefully at night. This release denotes Selena’s comeback to music after seeking assistance for her mental wellbeing towards the end of the previous year. On the other hand, Julia’s album Inner Monologue Part 1, featuring Niall Horan in the song titled What A Time, launched on January 25. While Selena seems to be doing great, her former beau Justin Bieber is reportedly undergoing therapy to determine his next move as he battles depression.

Treats: The girls enjoyed various bowls of chips and guacamole and washed it down by icy cold drinks including green juices 

The group of girls enjoyed munching on a variety of crunchy chips paired with flavorful guacamole, and washed it down with cool green juices. They captured their fun time together by taking 24 snapshots to remember the happy memories they made.

Girl's trip! Bride-to-be Courtney took to social media to gush over her close friends, including long-time pal, Selena 

Come on, girls! Courtney, who is about to get married, expressed her enthusiasm on social media for her upcoming adventure with her closest friends, including her childhood buddy Selena.

Love: Selena also shared a series of shots on her social media cuddling up to her friends 

Selena Gomez recently had a great time with her friend over lunch on New Year’s Eve, and she also posted some pictures of herself snuggling up with her pals on social media. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has been feeling quite low and exhausted lately, and according to reports, he’s trying to get help to figure out the root cause of his problems. In the past, he spoke about how his early stardom had a negative impact on his mental health, causing him to become conceited, engage in casual relationships, and turn to Xanax. Although Selena and Justin had an on-and-off relationship for several years, they last hung out in March 2018, just before he proposed to and married Hailey Baldwin later that year.

Co-ordinated: Each girl stunned in a different style swimsuit but stuck to either white or black for the beach day 

The ladies were perfectly in sync for their seaside adventure, flaunting individual swimsuit designs while sticking to a monochromatic theme of either white or black.

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