Budding Pot Connoisseur: Elizabeth Olsen’s Journey to Becoming a Marijuana Enthusiast in a Legalized World

Elizabeth Olsen, a renowned actress known for her role as Wanda Maximoff in the entertainment industry, has established herself in Hollywood. She has gained immense popularity and recognition despite being the younger sibling of two famous Hollywood personalities, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. However, apart from her successful acting career, Elizabeth Olsen apparently harbors other dreams and aspirations.

During an interview, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that she had always wanted to become a stoner and was currently on the path to achieving this goal, even though she is not particularly good at it. She confessed to trying marijuana, which became legal in California, after nearly a decade of contemplating the idea.

Once upon a time, Elizabeth Olsen participated in a famous lie detector test conducted by Vanity Fair. During the test, she was asked about her statement of being a plant mom. In response, Olsen denied using those exact words but expressed her love for plants nonetheless. She clarified that although she adores plants, she cannot recall referring to herself as their mother.

The host then moves on to a more interesting question, as if the previous discussion about plants was just a warm-up. They ask Olsen if she has any “funny plants” in her California home. It’s clear that the interviewer has a specific type of plant in mind, which Olsen catches onto quickly and responds with, “Oh, like Pot?” The actress from Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness then clarifies that she doesn’t currently have any such plants, but expresses interest in becoming a “stoner” someday.

“I want to become a skateboarder. I’m currently an aspiring skateboarder and I’m putting in effort to learn. It’s a skill that I haven’t practiced in ten years, so I’m starting from the beginning and consider myself a beginner. Skateboarding is legal in California.”

When questioned about what a novice cannabis user should do, Olsen suggested taking a small hit, avoiding coughing, waiting for 45 minutes, taking another hit, and then going to sleep. She added that this was the approach she had been following. It appears that Elizabeth Olsen has already quit smoking weed.

A couple of months back, Olsep declared herself as an “Aspiring stoner.” However, during her recent interview with Variety, the interviewer inquired about her progress in achieving her goal. Surprisingly, Olsep mentioned that she is no longer interested in it. She said, “I think that ambition died! I only smoked weed thrice in two weeks. After that, I watched The Matrix and Trolls World Tour, and that was the end of it.”

According to Olsep, there is no particular reason why she lost interest in smoking marijuana; she just prefers drinking instead. During the conversation, the actress shared a random experience where someone encouraged her to keep trying. Olsep mentioned that you never know what people will take away from your interviews. It seems that smoking weed is no longer on Olsep’s list of things to do.

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