Dog story

Although various governments have launched initiatives to combat animal cruelty, it appears that they have not been effective enough given the persistent occurrence of such abuses. For instance, it is not uncommon to come across stray dogs on the streets, sometimes even restrained by handcuffs and struggling to survive. These instances indicate that there is […]

The video shows a heart-wrenching scene as a grieving mother dog determinedly uncovers her deceased puppy. Kookie tirelessly digs through the tightly packed earth until she reaches the male pup and pulls it out of its makeshift grave by a leg. In an attempt to revive her precious offspring, she licks and nudges the tiny

It was an emotional rescue effort as the team found a helpless puppy left behind by its owner in a rundown house. The small pup was visibly frightened, causing the rescuers to feel sympathy for its situation and how vulnerable it was. The forsaken canine, all by itself and feeling frightened, had no choice but

  Homeless animals are vulnerable to practically everything. Whether they’re seeking sanctuary or nourishment, they should fight with the hectic worldaound them. One dog who was trying to find some scraps to eat was regrettably hit by a speeding motorcycle. His injuries were so severe that nobody was confident he would certainly survive. So happily,

A charming pooch hailing from Australia has captured the hearts of netizens with his unwavering affection for mud. As a pet parent myself, there’s nothing more delightful than seeing my furry friend frolic around in the backyard. He enjoys running and racing without any leash restrictions, but the thought of him getting covered in mud

Owning a pet is a big responsibility that requires a lot of effort from the owner to take care of it properly. Since pets are living creatures that depend entirely on their owners, it’s up to them to ensure their pet’s safety and welfare. There was an incident where some citizens rescued a dog that

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