Selena Gomez was ready to be protective when she gave her six-year-old sister Gracie Teefey a red carpet debut at the Frozen 2 premiere last month. On the BBC Radio 1 show Sounds, Selena, 27, shared that ‘I bent down and I looked at her before we stepped on. ‘And I said: “If you get […]

In a mesmerizing display of allure and elegance, Gal Gadot graces the pages of a photobook, adorned with long blonde locks cascading effortlessly around her. The scene unfolds on a bed, where the Israeli actress captivates with a blue lace nightgown that adds a touch of sultry sophistication to the ambiance. Gadot’s timeless beauty takes

Her go-to iteмs for fitпess are daпce-iпspired iпterʋal workoυts aпd iпdυlgiпg iп dark chocolate. Shakira has мade a hυge iмpact with the release of her latest track “Te Felicito” featυriпg Raυw Alejaпdro. Faпs were left iп awe after watchiпg the мυsic video, aпd eʋeп took to Iпstagraм to express their exciteмeпt. The 45-year-old siпger looks

Shakira is all set for the summer season in her uniquely designed bikini. She took to her Instagram account on Friday to flaunt her hot pink fringe bikini that she created herself. She excitedly shared a video of herself modeling the eye-catching garment, inviting her followers to take a look at her creation. Shakira flaunted

In a mesmerizing display of beach glamour, Selena Gomez takes center stage, stunning in bikini bottoms that redefine the art of seaside fashion. The captivating photoshoot captures the essence of the multi-talented artist, showcasing her confidence, style, and undeniable allure against the backdrop of sun, sand, and surf. Selena’s choice of bikini bottoms becomes a

In a display of both culinary flair and opulent living, Jennifer Aniston recently graced her million-dollar New York home donned in a vibrant orange apron, offering a peek into her luxurious kitchen. The Hollywood icon effortlessly blended style with domesticity, proving that even the heart of the home can be a canvas for elegance. **A

In a whimsical and enchanting photoshoot, Jennifer Aniston embraced her ethereal side as she transformed into a forest fairy adorned in a dazzling, radiant yellow ensemble. The Hollywood icon, known for her timeless beauty, showcased a magical aura as she seamlessly blended elegance with a touch of fairy-tale fantasy. Against the backdrop of a lush

In a mesmerizing display of grace and allure, Gal Gadot recently captivated fans with a stunning photoshoot that featured the actress adorned in alluring red lace lingerie, reclining on a plush and inviting bed. The images exuded an intimate and sophisticated charm, showcasing Gadot’s timeless beauty and the artistry of the tastefully chosen ensemble. Draped

Giant celebrations: Katy Perry jumps for joy during the Super Bowl victory over the Patriots in Indianapolis Just one of the crowd: There were no airs or graces as Katy celebrated with Giants fans in the stands Catching up: Katy took her eye off the game momentarily to talk to friends Go team Perry? Katy

On a Monday, the renowned singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, proved her stunning beauty as she headed towards the UFC Gym located near her residence in Miami, Florida. The 50-year-old diva appeared ravishing in her white leggings that perfectly clung to her well-known rear end. The stunning Jennifer Lopez flaunted her amazing figure as she

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