“Discover 50 Gorgeous Hairstyles of Selena Gomez That’ll Leave You in Awe”

Take a look at Selena Gomez – she’s definitely one to watch! Not only is she an amazing singer, actress, and producer, but she’s also captured our hearts with her beautiful hairstyles. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out some of her best looks. We all remember Selena’s iconic role as Alex Russo with her gorgeous layered brunette hair, but since then, she’s played around with different hair colors, lengths, and some amazing red carpet hairstyles. Keep scrolling to see some of the most stunning Selena Gomez hairstyles that you won’t want to miss. First up, we have the sleek low bun.

Sleek Low Bun

Selena Gomez made heads turn at the premiere of Dolittle with her effortlessly chic low bun hairstyle. This timeless look is a signature style of hers and she pulls it off with utmost elegance every time. To complete her red-carpet-ready ensemble, she opted for diamond earrings that added extra sparkle to her flawless appearance.

Moving on to another trendy hairstyle, the ombre pigtails are a fun and playful way to switch up your look. This style involves gradual color changes from dark to light, creating a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to your hair. Pair it with a statement accessory or bold lip color to make a fashion-forward statement.

Ombre Pigtails

Selena was absolutely charming and stylish with her loose ombre pigtails. This hairstyle has a relaxed vibe to it and exudes a youthful essence. The face-framing tendrils further enhance the overall look.

Sleek Side-Swept Waves

You can never go wrong with a side-swept hairdo – it’s simply irresistible! Selena Gomez rocked this style at the 2016 Grammys, adding layers and soft waves to make it even more glamorous. To take it up a notch, she paired it with sultry smokey eyes. Another great option is the wispy updo, which can add elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Wispy Updo

A loose updo with soft, wispy strands framing the face is a great choice. The effortless style creates a laid-back feel that complements any outfit, whether it’s a flowy dress or a full-bodied gown. Another option is a deep side-parted hairstyle that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Deep Side-Parted Mane

The sophisticated deep side-parted lob is a classic hairstyle that compliments many face shapes. Achieving this look involves straightening your hair to achieve a smooth, frizz-free finish and then parting it deeply on one side. A shine spray adds the finishing touch for an ultra-sleek look. Another style worth trying is the front puff with a messy bun for a casual yet chic vibe.

Front Puff With A Messy Bun

Looking for a hairstyle that’s guaranteed to get some attention? Try this unique and eye-catching look! First, select a section of hair from the front of your head and gather it back. Start teasing it with a comb to create a voluminous puff, then secure it with hairpins. Next, gather the rest of your hair into a loose bun. Finally, curl a few strands from the front using a curling iron and leave them loose. This combination of accent braids and tousled waves is sure to make a statement!

Accent Braids With Tousled Waves

Are you under the impression that braiding short hair is a daunting task? Well, think again! Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite simple. Take inspiration from fashion icons and create two accent braids on either side of your head. Don’t forget to use a setting spray to keep the style intact. Additionally, you can try the Brown Dimensional Updo for a chic look.

Brown Dimensional Updo

Selena Gomez looks absolutely stunning with this heavenly hairdo. It’s a great way to flaunt your new multidimensional color look. The stunning color and free-flowing locks nicely accentuate her face. 9. Chic Bun.

Sleek Bun

Selena looks amazing in her boss lady outfit, and you can too! To achieve this style, simply use a generous amount of hair gel and comb your hair back. Gather it at the nape of your neck, create a low ponytail, twist it into a knot, and secure it with pins. Now you’re ready to rock your own boss lady look!


Here’s a helpful tip: The sophisticated bun hairstyle is an ideal choice for special occasions like weddings or business gatherings, especially when paired with a chic dress or suit. Additionally, it’s a fantastic option for informal events such as cocktail parties when paired with a stylish, off-the-shoulder maxi dress. For a unique look, consider trying a knotted long updo.

Knotted Long Updo

Selena Gomez was a vision of beauty at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival with her stunning knotted updo. Contrary to popular belief, recreating this look is not as complicated as it appears. Simply divide your hair into two or three sections depending on its length, and twist each section into a knot ensuring that they align perfectly. To keep the knots in place, secure with bobby pins.

Platinum Blonde With Dark Roots

Selena shocked her fans when she decided to switch up her hair color and go blonde. Though I am a fan of her natural brunette locks, she definitely pulled off the blonde look flawlessly. The dark roots add an extra touch of edginess to the overall style. Speaking of hairstyles, have you tried out any of the 52 ponytail styles for girls yet? My personal favorite is the low ponytail, it’s a classic look that never goes out of style.

Low Ponytail

Selena Gomez is a great example of how you can rock a simple hairstyle without it looking boring. One way to enhance your look is to make the most out of your hair parting, as it can highlight your facial features and shape. If you’re not sure which parting suits your face, check out this article for some helpful tips. Another way to switch up your hairstyle is to try a light-to-dark ombre effect, which can add dimension and depth to your locks.

Light To Dark Ombre

Enhance the beauty of your hair with an ombre coloring method that highlights your natural hair color. Opt for a shade that is a couple of tones brighter than your hair color to create a subtle yet stunning effect. Flaunt your new look with a straightforward center part and delicate layers. 14. Highlights in Brown Hue.

Brown Highlights

Selena Gomez’s new short hairstyle has been quite the buzz on social media lately. While she has always rocked her long and luscious brunette locks, she looks equally stunning with her current short hairdo. Opting for highlights on brown hair can make it appear thicker and more lustrous, especially when applied from the mid-section downwards. For those with short hair, highlights can also help in face-framing. Looking for some inspiration? Check out these 12 ideas for highlights and lowlights on light brown hair. And if you want to add a touch of extravagance to your short hair, try out this braided pouf hairstyle.

Extravagant Pouf With A Braid

Get ready to try out Selena’s coolest look! If you’re tired of the usual loose or tight braids that may not suit your face shape, give this center braid a go. To achieve this look, start by teasing your hair at the front to create a pouf. Then, gather your hair and weave it into a braid before securing it with a hair tie. This trendy hairstyle is sure to turn heads!

Center Braid

Messy waves are a fabulous hairstyle that can add volume, bounce, and flair to your hair. For a trendy and daring look, consider braiding the mohawk portion of your hair.


Here’s a simple tip to enhance your look – try this hairstyle that complements a cute and casual outfit. It works great with shorts and a loose knitted top, a beachy attire with a dress gathered at the waist, a plaid shirt matched with leggings or even a lovely floral dress for your vacation mornings. Achieve beautifully wavy hair effortlessly with this quick and easy styling technique.

Beautifully Wavy

Don’t hide your gorgeous hair any longer! Embrace its beauty by creating some loose waves with a curling iron and letting it flow freely. The waves will accentuate your layers and add a touch of playfulness to your hair. For a finishing touch, create a messy half updo by pulling back the top section of your hair and securing it with a hair tie.

Messy Half Updo

The half updo hairstyle is versatile and can be styled for any occasion- be it a casual day out or a fancy event. Create this look by using your fingers to gather your hair towards the crown of your head. Gently push the hair up to give it some volume and secure it at the back with a clip. This effortless style is perfect for any hair type and easy to achieve in no time!

One Side Forward

To highlight your jawline, a great styling tip is to let one side of your hair fall forward while pulling the rest back. Adding big curls can help frame your face and make your hair appear fuller. Another option is to try face-framing layers for a more subtle effect. Both techniques are simple yet effective ways to enhance your facial features.

Face-Framing Layers


When it comes to hair styling, adding long layers near your face can work wonders in giving definition and framing your face shape. This technique also helps create an illusion of a longer and slimmer face by drawing the attention downwards. Another easy and chic way to style your hair is by going for a one-sided clip.

One-Sided Clip

The latest trend in hair styling is the low bun with long bangs, which has become quite popular recently. Selena Gomez looks great with this hairstyle as it draws attention to her eyes and eyebrows. You can choose a clip that complements your hair highlights, just like how the black clip enhances Selena’s light brown highlights.

Low Bun With Long Bangs

The hairstyle we’re about to discuss is undoubtedly one of the most romantic ones out there. It’s sophisticated and stylish, and it’s hard to resist its charm. Start by brushing your hair backward, leaving your bangs out, and tying it all together in a low bun. The messy bangs provide the perfect balance to the neat bun, making it look effortless yet chic. This is what we call a makeshift bun!

The Makeshift Bun

Great news for those with short hair! The red carpet has been flooded with a variety of short-haired updos. This particular updo is both chic and sophisticated, proving that short hair can be both. To achieve this style, all you need are three items: a curling iron, a comb, and bobby pins. You’ll have to tease your hair to get the volume needed to form the bun.

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