“Finding Power in Being Alone: Selena Gomez’s Latest Track Fuels Fan Theories About Her Inspiration”

Are you aware of the Spanish translation for “Stan”? Selena Gomez recently dropped her first Spanish single and music video, “De Una Vez,” after two years, which appears to be influenced by Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez made her fans ecstatic on January 15th when she dropped “De Una Vez,” a heartwarming Spanish-language song. It’s her first since “Taki Taki,” which came out in 2018. The track chronicles a painful past romance, which some fans believe could be Justin Bieber, with Selena singing “It doesn’t hurt like before, no/The wound of your love has healed.” After a year of rumors that Selena was working on a Spanish-language album, the 28-year-old popstar has finally given her followers what they wanted, and they’re all over it.

Selena Gomez dropped her latest music video for “De Una Vez” on January 14th, where she showcases her strength and independence while reflecting on her past without regret. Despite her previous relationship hiccups, she still references her ex in the song. As soon as the Spanish-speaking fans caught wind of the tune, they took to Twitter with their interpretations. Some even went so far as to translate the lyrics and discovered that it’s still about Justin Bieber. One fan even noted that it gave off “Justin vibes.”

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