“From Feline Friend to Guinness Record Holder: Celebrating 30 Years of Life with the World’s Oldest Cat”

Say hello to Rubble, the feline who has been crowned as the “world’s oldest cat”! This astonishing British kitty, who resides in Exeter, England, is a sprightly 30 years old. His proud owner, Michele Foster, received this adorable ginger and white kitten as a birthday present when he was just a wee kitty back in May of 1988.

How amazing he has been! The feline has been an incredible mate for Michele throughout the years, and she describes him as affectionate and devoted. To his lengthy lifespan, she credits lavish attention and care, treating him like one of her own.

In general, the cat is in good health, with the exception of having high blood pressure. He receives medical attention from Dr. Shawn Moore at City Vets to ensure his stability and well-being. According to Dr. Moore, Rubble is probably the oldest cat in the UK and is doing well despite his condition. Although he is on medication for his blood pressure, he remains in excellent health overall.

When inquired about the possibility of entering Rubble into Guinness World Records, Michele declined and stated that although Rubble still has a lot of life in him, she doubts that he would be comfortable with lots of people coming to see him or being made a fuss of. Being an old cat now, Rubble wouldn’t appreciate too much attention or being bothered. Instead, Michele and her family would like Rubble to live out his remaining years peacefully without any disturbances.

Cream Puff, the former oldest cat on record according to Guinness, lived for 38 years and 3 days. While we can’t foresee how long Rubble will live, his owner is determined to spoil him until his last day.

To put things into perspective, it’s truly amazing that this cat has managed to survive for so long. Typically, domestic cats live for approximately 15 to 20 years, while outdoor cats have an average lifespan of only 2 to 9 years.

Let’s celebrate Rubble’s 30th birthday with joy and cheer throughout the year. May he have an abundance of good health and happy moments in the future.

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