Glowing in Rust Attire: Selena Gomez’s Personal Stories of Disguising Herself in Public on Live With Kelly & Ryan

Selena Gomez made her way to New York City on Monday, all set to promote her newest album, Rare. To begin her press tour, she sat down for a friendly chat with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly & Ryan. During the interview, Selena candidly spoke about how her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber served as an inspiration for her latest music collection. She also shared her sentiments as a public figure who frequently receives media attention, sharing that she prefers not to call too much attention to herself, unlike other celebrities.

Happy gal: Selena Gomez was spotted arriving to the set of Live With Kelly and Ryan on Monday morning in New York

On a pleasant Monday morning, Selena Gomez was spotted arriving at the set of Live With Kelly and Ryan in New York, looking happy and excited.

Stylish: The 27-year-old was giving off some major 70s vibes in a head-to-toe rust colored ensemble

With her groovy rust-colored attire, the 27-year-old singer gives off major 70s vibes. Although she’s easily recognizable, people often don’t acknowledge her presence and move on. Gomez was a vision of beauty as she made an appearance on a popular daytime talk show, donning a sophisticated business ensemble. Her rust-orange outfit complements her sun-kissed skin and dark locks perfectly. She strutted confidently in her faux alligator boots, radiating positivity and joy.

Her favorite hair-do: Selena smiled as she rocked her favorite new hair-do, which is a middle-part bun

Alligator boots: As if her outfit couldn't get any cooler, as she walked the intricate heels on her alligator boots were revealed

Selena’s new hairstyle, a bun placed in the middle of her head, was absolutely stunning and made her beam with confidence and grace. Her boots had a unique geometric pattern on the heels that gave off a 70s vibe, adding to her already fashionable look. The middle-part of Selena’s hair highlighted her gorgeous bone structure, making her smile even brighter as she entered a studio filled with fans and photographers. After a long wait, Selena Gomez has finally released her latest album, Rare, which is the follow-up to her previous 2015 record, Revival. She worked closely with renowned co-writers Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels on the album, who have inspired and challenged her creatively. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Selena expressed how she felt like she has found her creative group, and believes she is growing as both a musician and artist thanks to the talented individuals around her. On the release day of Rare, Selena pleasantly surprised her fans by dropping a full-length music video for the title track on both YouTube and Vevo.

According to reports, Gomez’s latest musical release titled “Rare” is considered her most personal and reflective piece to date.

Rare: The album hit shelves on Friday and is the singer's third studio album

Unusual: On Friday, you could find the singer’s third studio album on the shelves, marking their latest release.

Music video: She posted the full-length music video for the album's title track on YouTube and Vevo on January 10th

On January 10th, she generously treated her fans to the official music video of the eponymous track from her album. She shared the video across both YouTube and Vevo platforms for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

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