“Hilarious Happenings: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Hand in Hand After a Fun-Filled Gathering”

Despite being married for two years, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s affection for each other is still going strong. They were recently spotted enjoying a night out with some famous pals, demonstrating that their relationship remains as strong as ever.

Someone's happy! Jennifer Aniston giggles and clutches Justin Theroux's hand as they leave party in West Hollywood on Thursday night

On Thursday night, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux left a party in West Hollywood with bright smiles on their faces. The couple held hands as they exited the venue, clearly enjoying each other’s company. Jennifer, who is currently 48 years old, was seen giggling as they walked past photographers waiting outside the restaurant. They were also accompanied by a group of fellow celebrities such as Courteney Cox, Jennifer’s former Friends co-star, and Jason Bateman, her co-star in Horrible Bosses. These three have been close friends for a while and even vacationed together in Bora Bora for Jennifer and Justin’s honeymoon two years ago.

Night out: Jen and her man have been spending plenty of time together in recent weeks, after Justin, 45, wrapped up promoting his show The Leftovers

Jen and her significant other have been relishing in some quality time together recently, particularly now that Justin is done with the promotion of his show, The Leftovers. They recently had a great night out in the city. During the promotion of the final episode, Justin confessed that Jen is a huge fan and didn’t want to practice lines with him to avoid any spoilers.

Out on the town: Clutching one another's hands as they left the venue, it was clear the husband and wife were having fun together

The couple enjoyed a pleasant time together and were observed leaving the location while firmly holding hands.

Two years and counting: The dark-haired hunk married Jennifer in 2015

The past few years have been great for Justin, the handsome dark-haired man who married Jennifer in 2015. However, he admits that achieving fame was not easy. Justin has always expressed his desire to work alongside his wife on screen, and with his show The Leftovers coming to an end, he is excited to create a television role for Jennifer. Despite her 13 years of experience in the film industry, Jennifer now looks forward to being part of captivating stories on the small screen.

The event was a delightful get-together that had some renowned personalities present, among them were close friends Courteney Cox and Jason Bateman.

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