“Inside the $17M Movie Set: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Awkward Encounter with Brad Pitt’s Ex-Wife and the ‘Pillow Technique’ Used for Intimate Scenes”

Jake Gyllenhaal, a Hollywood actor known for his role in Zodiac, faced a difficult time filming intimate scenes with the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. The discomfort he felt was so intense that he referred to it as an unbearable “torture.” This happened during the filming of The Good Girl, which was released in 2002 when Aniston was married to Brad Pitt. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Gyllenhaal met with Pitt afterward, and there were no negative repercussions between the actors. Ultimately, Gyllenhaal appreciated how they handled the situation.

Jake Gyllenhaal at an event

Performing intimate scenes with a co-star can be quite uncomfortable for actors as they have to execute choreographed moves in front of the entire crew. This discomfort intensifies when actors are required to carry out intimate scenes with someone they have a crush on, like Jake Gyllenhaal who had feelings for Jennifer Aniston in the 2000s. During an interview with The Howard Stern Show, the Marvel star admitted that shooting intimate scenes with Aniston was both torturous and enjoyable. The Hollywood actor also shared how challenging it was to film these scenes as they were mechanically choreographed for the camera, and the presence of numerous crew members made it even more awkward. Gyllenhaal likened the process to that of choreographing a fight scene, where each move must be meticulously planned.

Jennifer Anniston at an event of Murder Mystery

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston found a way to make their scenes comfortable by using a technique called the “pillow technique.” Although the situation was awkward and uncomfortable, Gyllenhaal had nothing but positive things to say about Aniston. According to the Love and Other Drugs actor, the 54-year-old Friends star was very cooperative and helpful.

Jake Gyllenhaal With Jennifer Aniston at an event of The Good Girl

During an interview, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he used a pillow technique while filming an intimate scene with Jennifer Aniston in the movie they starred in together. He shared that it was a preemptive measure and one that was generally used whenever they were in a horizontal position during filming. Gyllenhaal credited Aniston for suggesting the technique, as she kindly offered to place a pillow between them before they began filming. As actors, it’s no surprise that such scenes can be awkward, but fans appreciated Gyllenhaal’s honesty and the insight he provided during the interview.

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