Juno: The Feline Sensation with Badass Fur – A Unique and Awesome Angry Cat

Juno the cat looks absolutely furious

Introducing Juno, a sweet cat who unfortunately suffers from what appears to be an angry resting face. Despite his grouchy appearance, Juno is a lovely and relaxed feline. He has gained quite the following on Instagram, with over 185,000 followers who adore his unique appearance. Juno’s fans even requested that he release his own merchandise, which he now has. Owner Dominique Teta set up Juno’s account after seeing the reactions of those who met him. Although Juno looks aggravated the majority of the time, he is anything but!

Dominique Teta, 21, holding grumpy cat Juno

The cat, Juno, has a laid-back personality that surprises people who see him due to his intimidating appearance. According to his owner, the reason behind his calmness might be his unusual breed. Juno is a Himalayan mix with a brown point Himalayan mother and an unknown father, possibly a half Himalayan and half Burmese. While they are still awaiting DNA results to confirm this, Juno’s story is unique as he was the only kitten in his litter. Despite his fluffy and intense appearance, Juno is actually quite friendly and not at all grumpy.

Juno the furious looking cat sitting on a table

Dominique, the owner of Juno – an Instagram famous cat, describes him as a laid-back feline despite his intimidating facial features. Due to being the only kitten in his litter, Juno learned to play alone and is often found playing by himself in the kitchen at night. Although his face looks angry, Juno loves human company and will occasionally come for chin scratches. He only meows while playing or when he hears humans arguing, showing concern and meowing in their faces. With Juno now a full-fledged celebrity, Dominique has become a part-time social media influencer. She is thrilled with Juno’s popularity and enjoys seeing fans from around the world wearing his merchandise.

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