“Katy Perry Gets Playful in West Ham-inspired Outfit to Wow Russell Brand on Stage”

Katy Perry defied Russell Brand’s request for her to dress modestly on stage during the MTV Europe Music Awards. Instead, she paid tribute to his beloved football team, West Ham, by wearing a revealing outfit that highlighted her figure.

Katy Perry wows the MTV Europe Music Awards with her 12 costumes | Daily  Mail Online

Katy stated to the Mirror that as she was preparing to host the show in Berlin, Russ expressed his preference for her outfit to be that of a lollipop lady, with her being fully covered from head to toe.

Katy Perry is a West Ham fan | Katy perry pH๏τos, Katy perry pictures, Katy  perry

The comedian was ecstatic after awarding a portion of the prizes in a corset and hot pants featuring the West Ham team insignia on her chest and Russell’s pet name “Rusty” on her behind.

Katy Perry West Ham United | Katy perry, Katty perry, Katy perry pH๏τos

Russell expressed his excitement on Twitter by sharing that his girlfriend wore a West Ham basque while hosting the EMA’s. He was so thrilled about it that he made a lighthearted comment about possibly reviving Gandhi and asking him to be friends.

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The individual of age 34 is determined to bring Katy, who is 25, to see a game of West Ham at Upton Park.

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He stated that he will be accompanying her to the West Ham Vs Everton game, and he made it clear that he will not be taking her to the Arsenal before the game starts.

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