“Katy Perry Shines at Wango Tango in LA with Neon Bodysuit and Bold Pink Leggings”

At the KIIS FM Wango Tango event, Katy Perry arrived in a simple yellow jumper, but later put on a show-stopping performance in her signature provocative style. The 32-year-old singer took to the stage in a revealing, futuristic neon bodysuit paired with tight pink suspender leggings and silver boots. Her confident performance showcased not only her fashion choices, but also her vocal talents. Check out the video footage of her performance at the annual radio party in Los Angeles on Saturday.

All eyes on her: Katy proved hard to miss at the KIIS FM'S Wango Tango event in Los Angeles earlier on in the day 

The KIIS FM’S Wango Tango event in Los Angeles was graced by Katy Perry, who stole the show with her unique and striking outfit. The 32-year-old singer made sure to catch everyone’s attention with a bright one-piece suit that sparkled with silver embellishments from head to toe. She complemented her slender figure with a thick silver belt around her waist that was connected to a choker necklace. To add more oomph to her appearance, Katy rocked bubblegum pink latex leggings designed like suspenders that showcased her toned legs. She completed her ensemble with shiny silver zipper boots that not only added to her height but also provided comfort while grooving on stage.

Sexy display: The singer donned a funky neon bodysuit, tight pink suspender leggings and silver boots as she showcased her vocal prowess

The artist showcased her vocal prowess while donning a striking neon jumpsuit, matched with snug pink suspenders and shiny boots.

Sizzling: As one of the event's main performers, Katy pulled out all the stops in her attire which consisted of the bright one-piece with silver embellished detailing throughout

Katy stole the show at the event with her stunning appearance and electrifying performance. She donned a vibrant one-piece outfit bedazzled with silver embellishments, accompanied by matching latex gloves and white-framed sunglasses. The pop icon flaunted her new short blonde pixie cut and sun-kissed skin from her recent vacation to Mexico. Katy rocked the stage while belting out some of her greatest hits like E.T., Firework, and Dark Horse, captivating the audience with her lively antics. Prior to her performance, the singer made a statement on the Wango Tango red carpet, sporting a bright yellow jumper dress with gray accents.

Fashionista: A thick silver belt cinched in her trim midriff and was adjoined to a choker around her neck

The fashion aficionado donned a daring silver belt that highlighted her slim waist, coupled with a coordinated choker necklace that embraced her neck.

Flashing flesh: The star paired the look with bubblegum pink latex leggings which boasted suspender style design - teasing at her enviably toned legs

Flashing flesh: The star paired the look with bubblegum pink latex leggings which boasted suspender style design - teasing at her enviably toned legs

The famous person showcased her skin in an eye-catching way by donning latex leggings in a bright bubblegum pink shade. The leggings were designed with a suspender style that accentuated her toned legs.

Standing tall: She boosted her height with a pair of shiny silver exposed zipper boots which gave her enough comfort to perform up a storm on stage

Sporting a bold and self-assured look, she slipped on some eye-catching silver boots that boasted open zippers. Thanks to their comfy design, she was able to deliver a thrilling performance on the platform.

Accessorising: The Roar songstress wore matching latex gloves to match and accessorized with white rimmed shades

Fun: She seemed to be having a blast on stage

Katy Perry, the well-known singer of the hit song “Roar,” was spotted at an event sporting matching latex gloves and white-framed sunglasses. During an interview on the red carpet, she revealed that she was on a working vacation and pretended they were landing a spaceship as she arrived in her space-themed outfit. Recently, she released the music video for her latest single, Bon Appetit, featuring rap group Migos. The video showcased her body being covered in flour while a group of male chefs kneaded her like pizza dough. In a conversation with KIIS-FM about the music video, Perry described it as purposeful pop, but clarified that the entire album was about liberation in various aspects of life, including mental, sexual, negative, and spiritual freedom.

Mane attraction: Katy showed off her short blonde pixie cut that she debuted in April while looking tan from her recent trip to Mexico

Katy showed off her fresh blonde pixie cut that she first unveiled in April, and had a beautiful sun-kissed tan from her recent trip to Mexico.

Doing what she does best: The American beauty seemed in her element as she put on quite the animated display while thrilling the crowds

The gorgeous American lady was enjoying her favorite pastime, and seemed relaxed as she captivated the audience with her animated presentation.

Going solo: She proved to be the ultimate one woman show

Taking the plunge on her own: She proved to be the ultimate expert in her field, effortlessly handling all responsibilities solo.

Multi-talented: Katy even busted out some serious dance moves while on stage 

Katy’s talent for versatility was on full display as she effortlessly pulled off some incredible dance moves during her show.

California Girl: Katy Perry looked every bit the pop star as she arrived to Wango Tango in Los Angeles on Saturday, one day after releasing her racy video for Bon Appetit 

Katy, a young woman originally hailing from California, turned heads at the Wango Tango event with her eye-catching ensemble. She donned a striking yellow dress that featured tasteful grey accents, showcasing her bold fashion sense. It was one of many daring fashion choices she made throughout the day.

Bon Appetit indeed: She was fed a pie in the spirit of her new single by KIIS-FM host Chuey Martinez

Oh my goodness, looks like someone got an unexpected treat! Chuey Martinez, a radio host from KIIS-FM, surprised her with a delicious pie to commemorate her latest single. How delightful!

Very Perry: The bright frock was on brand with Katy's attention-catching outfits

Katy Perry never shies away from making a bold fashion statement and her latest outfit was no different. The singer recently revealed in an interview that her upcoming work will be a true reflection of her liberated soul. During the interview, Katy was presented with a pie that matched the theme of her new song. She attended the event in a vibrant yellow dress that stood out among the sea of black and white outfits worn by fellow celebrities like Halsey, Camilla Cabello, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Corinne Olympios and Olivia Holt.

Leading lady: She kicked off the concert which also featured Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey and Niall Horan.

The lead act established the mood for the event which featured a roster of gifted musicians like Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey, and Niall Horan.

Center of attention: All eyes were on the singer during her hit-packed set

All eyes were on the star vocalist as she took the stage and belted out her popular tunes, captivating the audience for the duration of her performance.

Bright as a firework: The singers yellow dress highlighted the tan she got while vacationing in Mexico earlier this week

Bright as a firework: The singers yellow dress highlighted the tan she got while vacationing in Mexico earlier this week

The artist donned a bright yellow gown that resembled a dazzling explosion of fireworks. The outfit perfectly complemented her sun-kissed skin, which she likely acquired from her recent visit to Mexico.

Famous friends: Katy posted a video with Miley Cyrus, encouraging people to buy her new single Malibu on iTunes

Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are buddies! The two stars have a friendly relationship, as evidenced by a video Katy posted on social media. In the clip, Katy gives her seal of approval to Miley’s latest single, Malibu, urging fans to buy it on iTunes.

Surprise: Miley and her sister Noah (R) surprise their mom Tish (C) with a birthday cake on stage

Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah had a heartwarming surprise for their mom Tish on stage by presenting her with a birthday cake. It was a touching moment that made the crowd go ‘aww’. At the Wango Tango event, Katy Perry praised Miley’s new single Malibu, which she performed live for the first time on Saturday. Katy expressed her love for the song and how it felt like a journey to liberation station. Miley responded with elation, using an ocean wave emoji. The concert was an impressive lineup featuring performances by Niall Horan, Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, Hailee Steinfeld, and Camila Cabello.

Cyrus sister: Noah Cyrus wore a pair of baggy overalls with black boots for the red carpet. 

At the red carpet event, Noah Cyrus, the sibling of famous singer Miley Cyrus, decided to go for a relaxed and comfortable attire. She was seen wearing loose-fitting overalls matched with chic black boots.

Debut: The younger Cyrus debuted a new song called I'm Stuck as she performed on the village stage

During her first appearance at the village stage, Noah Cyrus wowed the crowd with her incredible musical abilities, debuting a fresh song called “I’m Stuck.” The introduction of her set was carried out by Ryan Seacrest and his mother Connie on the main stage, where she started with her hit single “Stay Together.” Apart from performing alongside fellow musicians such as Aaron Carter and Hey Violet, Noah also had an early show at the same venue earlier in the day.

Using her platform: Noah switched into this black and red sporty outfit with platform shoes for her performance on the main stage

As Noah took the spotlight on the main stage, she flaunted her individuality with a striking ensemble that combined a black and red sporty outfit with platform shoes. Her fashion-forward choice allowed her to express her distinctive style to the crowd and left a lasting impression on her performance.

Mother's Day: KIIS-FM radio host Ryan Seacrest hit the stage with his mother Connie

During Mother’s Day celebrations, Ryan Seacrest, who hosts a KIIS-FM radio show, teamed up with his mom Connie for a special performance. The Cyrus family also had cause for celebration as they marked the birthday of Tish, their family matriarch, a day before her actual birthday. Miley took to social media to share a beautiful picture of her and her sister Noah flanking their mom, wishing her a happy birthday. She also expressed eagerness to watch Noah perform at Wango Tango later that night.

Big reveal: Hailee Steinfeld hit the stage wearing a silver jacket over an intricate black and gold ensemble

Great news to share! Hailee Steinfeld wowed everyone as she walked onto the stage donning a dazzling silver jacket and a gorgeous black and gold ensemble with intricate detailing.

Not so innocent: Her set began with sound problems, but she got her groove back, wearing a black and gold bra top while singing her song Most Girls

At the beginning of her set, technical problems caused some trouble, but Noah Cyrus managed to get back on track and put on a great show. She wore an attractive black and gold bra top during her performance of her popular hit Most Girls. To end the night on a high note, she invited her mother Tish to the stage to sing Happy Birthday with her. The crowd was surprised when Miley Cyrus showed up, dressed casually in a white tank top and denim shorts, to present their mom with a birthday cake. Tish looked stylish in her denim-on-denim outfit and enjoyed the cheers from the excited audience.

Solo star: Former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello wore a blinged out jacket with white pants and black heels on the red carpet

Camila Cabello, who used to be a part of the all-girl band Fifth Harmony, looked absolutely amazing as she walked down the red carpet in her glitzy gem-studded jacket. She paired it with white pants and black high heels, which added a touch of elegance to her overall look.

Bad Things: She performed her hit song with Machine Gun Kelly (L) during the festival

Unfavorable Incident: At the festival, Hailee Steinfeld invited Machine Gun Kelly to join her on stage to sing her famous song. Unfortunately, a technical glitch interrupted her performance as her music suddenly stopped playing. Despite this setback, the singer handled the situation with grace and humor by jokingly asking the crowd if they had ever encountered similar issues. Luckily, the problem was resolved quickly and she continued to give a flawless performance for the rest of her set.

A night of black and white outfits: Singer Halsey shocked in sheer white pants at the event

A night of black and white outfits: Singer Halsey shocked in sheer white pants at the event

The event’s theme was all about black and white outfits, and Halsey caught everyone’s attention with her see-through white trousers. On the other hand, Hailee, who had been speculated to be in a relationship with Justin Bieber, showed up wearing silver jackets that matched her backup dancers’ attire. Later on, she took off her jackets to reveal a stunningly decorated outfit underneath. But that wasn’t the end of it as she later switched to a black bra top adorned with gold buttons. Throughout the night, she serenaded the crowd with some of her well-known songs such as You’re Such A, Love Myself, and Most Girls.

One Direction member Niall Horan was one of the concert's headliners with his solo material

Former member of One Direction, Niall Horan, recently took center stage at a concert featuring his solo material. The show was an exciting night for music lovers as it also featured former Fifth Harmony artist, Camila Cabello, who made a dazzling appearance during Machine Gun Kelly’s set. Camila donned a glittering jacket paired with white jeans and black heels while delivering a captivating performance on stage. Niall’s solo performance showcased a new direction that he’s taken in his music career, deviating from his earlier work with One Direction which helped him gain worldwide recognition.

White hot: Miley Cyrus returned to the stage after a nearly two-year hiatus from music wearing an earring that read Liam for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

After a hiatus of nearly two years, Miley Cyrus has made a blazing return to the music scene. During her performance, she wore an earring with Liam, her significant other’s name, adding to the sizzle of her act.

The ring is on: The 24-year-old singer also seemed to be wearing the engagement ring from Liam that he gave her in 2012 before they called things off the year after

Miley Cyrus made a triumphant return to the music scene after a two-year hiatus at a recent concert. The 24-year-old artist wowed the crowd with an impressive three-song performance, featuring her latest single Malibu, a cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and her 2013 hit We Can’t Stop. The singer paid tribute to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth by wearing an earring with his name on it and seemed to be sporting the same engagement ring he gave her in 2012 before they split up a year later.

'Our 14,000th Wango Tango': Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine joked with the audience about the amount of times they have played at KIIS-FM's annual concert

During KIIS-FM’s annual event, Wango Tango, Adam Levine, the frontman of Maroon 5, jokingly poked fun at how many times his band has performed there. He playfully stated that it was their “14,000th Wango Tango,” which delighted fans in attendance. The night’s standout moment was Halsey’s rendition of her smash hit Closer, performed alongside DJ pairing the Chainsmokers. Levine took a moment to thank the crowd, expressing his gratitude for their support of his band, as they were proud to be from Los Angeles.

In sync: AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson did a song and dance for the audience

The Backstreet Boys, made up of five members, AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson, thrilled the crowd with their iconic songs and dance moves. They treated their fans to a medley of their biggest hits, including fan favorites like Moves Like Jagger, This Love, Don’t Wanna Know, Harder To Breathe, and One More Night. The group wrapped up their performance by playing their most famous tracks. Before that, Nick’s brother, Aaron Carter, took to the stage at Wango Tango earlier in the evening.

Sweet end: After her energetic set, Katy rewarded herself with some cake at The Nice Guy 

After her energetic show, Katy decided to reward herself with a delicious slice of cake at The Nice Guy. It was a delightful way to cap-off the night!

Let her eat cake: She seemed thrilled as she cowed down on the sweet treat

Let her eat cake: It was a great reward at the end of a long day

Enjoying a slice of cake: She relished each mouthful of the sweet treat with pure satisfaction.

Attention-grabber: Katy donned a funky glittering multi-coloured top as she emerged from the upscale eatery 

As Katy finished her meal at the upscale eatery, she strutted out wearing a dazzling top that was bursting with a kaleidoscope of glittery colors.

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