Katy Perry Taking Over the Meme Scene with Her Personal Creations

Katy Perry’s humor and ability to not take herself too seriously are shining through in recent times. She has been making us laugh with her self-deprecating actions, such as turning images from her Vogue photoshoot into a meme on Instagram.

In her photo as the cover girl for the May issue, Katy Perry expressed her distrust for airline pillows while wearing a massive, fluffy Comme des Garçons dress and a transparent hat. She also shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself mouthing the phrase “Help me” during the shoot.

Teasingly imitating her exaggerated facial expression in a different picture, she added the humorous caption: “The moment you realize the @Uber wait time has increased from 3 to 8 minutes.” Another snapshot of her standing by a dock with an unstructured blue-green Comme des Garçons ensemble decorated with a black feather boa inspired her to joke, “When you suggest to your friends to dress comfortably.”

In the article for Vogue, Hamish Bowles shared some of Katy Perry’s self-deprecating jokes. The singer quipped about being in Zoolander 3 but also recognized the artistic significance of her outfit, describing it as a redefinition of sensuality for the mind. As she kicks off week one of the Coachella festival, it remains to be seen how much time Perry will spend on memes. Instead, fans can expect videos of her enjoying time with friends on giant pool floats and photos showcasing her stunning buzzcut against the backdrop of a desert sunset. And of course, there will be humor, as evidenced by Perry’s tweet about usually losing her sanity at Coachella. Exciting times ahead!

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