“Katy Perry Tour Experience: 18 Lessons Learned from the Road”

Extra details about the musician, which were not mentioned in her previous Rolling Stone feature, are now available. These reveal that she used to dislike the idea of becoming famous, but now has a desire to produce an acoustic album.

katy perry

Katy Perry is famous for her honesty and willingness to speak her mind. Recently, she was interviewed for the cover story of Rolling Stone in various locations such as New York, New Jersey, and Montreal. Despite being open about most topics, she chose not to discuss her former relationship with John Mayer, out of respect for him and their past together. Nevertheless, Katy shared plenty of other personal and professional details with the interviewer that didn’t make it into the published article. Her fans are sure to appreciate these fascinating insights into her life.

For her, discovering her signature glamorous look was a breeze. She didn’t have to go through a lot of trouble. All she did was let someone else take care of her hair and makeup. When she saw the results, she was pleasantly surprised that her eyes looked more like anime characters. To her, it was more of an experiment than anything else.

She’s a huge advocate for transcendental meditation. She firmly believes that it’s a practice that can stick with you for life. Once you know your mantra, you’ll never forget it, and it provides the most profound rest for your brain. Being a creative person with a constant stream of ideas, she often finds herself drained. With the responsibility of managing 127 people while on tour, she’s always in charge of everything. Even when she sleeps, her subconscious is working, and she dreams about her next project or relationships. As a result, she never truly gets to switch off. Meditation is the one time when she can reset and completely unwind.

Moving forward, she is eager to delve into diverse music genres. With multiple musical personalities, she draws inspiration from various sources. Rather than confining herself to a particular style, her aim is to shatter barriers and venture into uncharted territory. A case in point is her desire to create an acoustic album and perform in intimate venues with her guitar and Telecaster. Her intention is to stun listeners and prove that pop artists are not constrained to a specific mold. She looks forward to showcasing this side of her artistic persona soon and is self-assured about her identity as an artist.

Katy Perry’s main goal is not just to reach the top of the charts anymore. She recently stated that she does not wish to recreate the massive success of her previous album, Teenage Dream, with her latest release, Prism. Instead, she wants to demonstrate her versatility as an artist. While it is undoubtedly rewarding to have a number one hit, she understands that it is not always possible. She does not intend to compromise or alter her style to achieve chart success as that would be more formulaic than artistic, and that is not what she wants to be remembered for.

After going through a divorce, the woman has learned some valuable lessons that she feels are important to share. One of the most significant things she discovered was that she needed to love herself before she could truly give love to others. In the past, she found herself giving love without truly loving herself, but this experience taught her the importance of putting herself first.

Another life-changing event that happened to her was the “return of Saturn,” an astrological phenomenon that acts as a teacher through the planet Saturn. She accepted the lessons it provided and learned from them, which helped her grow as a person.

When it comes to dating, she found that people who understand music are more attractive to her. While she has dated non-famous individuals before, she prefers dating someone in the same industry because they know the demands of the business. It can be exhausting to explain everything to someone who doesn’t share her passion for music, so being with someone who understands her is crucial.

The artist shared that she is putting a lot of effort into touring because she sees it as an amazing chance that has come her way. Despite the fact that not everyone can make it to her live shows, she has been receiving overwhelming support and sold-out performances. She realizes that this opportunity may not always be there, so she makes sure to make the most out of it. While on tour, she doesn’t write new songs, but instead jots down ideas and lyrics that come to her mind on her phone. These notes are collected by her management team and compiled into a binder, which the artist reviews later and selects the ones that still resonate with her.

The artist gets her fashion ideas from Tumblr, where she follows transvestite girls and clothing accounts. Her latest music video, “This Is How We Do,” is influenced by the creative fashion she discovers on the site. Although she has gained fame, she never sought it and believes that fame without purpose is distasteful. Instead, she concentrates on producing music and expressing her perspective on life through her songs. She dreams of creating music for as long as Madonna has, but she wants to do it in her own unique style. Moreover, she plans to release an acoustic album in the coming years.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s common for careers to come and go. However, Singer-songwriter Lizzo has defied this trend by sustaining a successful career for many years with three records and several tours. She looks up to artists like Dolly Parton and Aretha Franklin who have had long and prosperous careers in the music industry. For Lizzo, time is the great revealer of all things, and she does not feel the need to prove anything to anyone since the truth will eventually come out.

As she approaches her 30th birthday, Lizzo is excited about embracing her thirties. For her, age is just a state of mind, and she still feels young at heart. This youthful sensibility keeps her curious about life and eager to learn new things.

When on tour, Lizzo prefers visiting museums instead of partying at clubs. She finds curated tours and learning from experts in the field more fulfilling than trading her status for bottles at clubs. Moreover, museums provide unique photo opportunities that she shares on Instagram.

Lizzo has had to navigate dealing with her parent’s fundamentalist religious views. She acknowledges that agreeing to disagree is the best way to handle such differences, especially since they are her parents. Though she may roll her eyes, Lizzo believes it’s essential to keep an open mind and hold on for dear life.

Surprisingly, she hasn’t defied society as much as many may have thought. She admits that her behaviour doesn’t quite conform to the typical “bad girl” stereotype, but she’s comfortable being a combination of good and bad. She holds the belief that there’s a divine force that we can’t fully understand, which may reveal itself in different ways. When questioned about the possibility of her upcoming album flopping, she doesn’t dwell on pessimistic scenarios. Rather, she stresses the significance of artistically expressing herself and remaining faithful to her music, irrespective of how commercially well it does or doesn’t do.

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