“Laugh-out-Loud Flashback: Selena Gomez Jokes About Her Bold Hair Color Choices During Her Disney Days at 14”

Selena Gomez shared a fun-filled TikTok video where she engaged with her 14-year-old self from a previous interview she did while being associated with Disney. In the clip, the renowned singer held a colorful rainbow wig and lip-synced to the same dialogues from the interview. She captioned the post in a humorous way by stating that she wasn’t cool during her teenage years. It was evident that the Love You Like A Love Song singer relished reminiscing about her past memories.

Looking back 14 years: Selena Gomez had some fun with her younger self in a TikTok video shared this week

Looking back in time: Selena Gomez has recently shared a fun TikTok video that showcases her younger self from 14 years ago.

The way she was: The Love You Like A Love Song crooner, 28, was holding a rainbow colored wig as she mouthed the lines to an interview she did in 2007 at the age of 14 when she was working for Disney

During a recent appearance at a Teen Vogue party in Los Angeles, the talented young singer, famous for her hit song Love You Like A Love Song, was seen holding a brightly-colored rainbow wig while lip-syncing to an old interview she did when she was only 14 years old and working with Disney. Despite being known as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, the singer looked like any other enthusiastic teenager as she walked the red carpet. She added an edgy pop of color to her look with a bright blue streak in her dark brown hair. She also sported a t-shirt with a powerful message about climate change, featuring a planet in place of the “o” in “hotter than I should be.” Completing her outfit, she wore black shorts with stockings and high heels, as well as a necklace and bangle bracelets.

Harsh to herself: 'To my younger self: you're not cool bro,' The Big Short star said in her caption

Reflecting on her past, The Big Short star expressed remorse to her former self, admitting, “Hey, younger me. I have to confess, you weren’t exactly the epitome of coolness, dude.”

Cutie: The ex of Justin Bieber sounded like an enthusiastic teeny bopper as she smiled and became animated while on the red carpet for a Teen Vogue party at Vibiana in Los Angeles

At a Teen Vogue party in LA, Selena Gomez, who was once romantically involved with Justin Bieber, was spotted radiating joy on the red carpet. Her social media posts have attracted almost 5 million likes, and according to reports, she is now among the top ten highest-earning TikTok users, with actor Will Smith ranked second. Selena has been posting more frequently in recent weeks, including a photo shoot for La’Mariette, a company that celebrates women who embrace their bodies. Selena posed in a daring bikini from her own line, which she created with a friend, and shared her inspiration for the partnership. She expressed gratitude for the chance to celebrate her friends’ achievements, and their collaboration with @lamariette is now available.

Blue streak: There was a vibrant blue streak of color in her dark brown hair. 'I've got a little blue going on. I don't know, I like a little edge and a little pop in my hair so I wanted to add something different, especially for the Teen Vogue party,' the beauty lip-syncs

A striking blue highlight stood out among the dark brown tresses of a woman at the Teen Vogue party. She was lip-syncing and it was evident that she wanted something different and daring to her hair. Her preference for a brand that champions body positivity and self-love was evident as she shared an unfiltered photo of herself in their bikini on Instagram. Selena, who has been vocal about the harmful effects of society’s beauty standards, wants to encourage women to embrace their natural looks and reject the pressure to conform to unrealistic ideals. She finds it unreasonable that society constantly reinforces the message that we are not sufficient as we are.

At home: The clip was made inside Selena's mansion she bought from Tom Petty's estate

Selena created the video in her own home, a lavish mansion that she purchased from Tom Petty’s estate.

Popular princess: Selena's post has almost 5M likes as fans think she is hilarious. Gomez is one of the top 10 highest earners on TikTok, it was reported this week with actor Will Smith number two. And in the past month she has been posting more often

Selena Gomez, known as the queen of pop music, has been generating a lot of chatter on social media lately due to her latest post that has received nearly 5 million likes. She is also among the top 10 highest earners on TikTok, with only Will Smith ahead of her in this category. Selena has been posting more frequently, which pleases her fans worldwide.

Nevertheless, Selena’s interests are not limited to fame and riches. She is passionate about mental health and believes that society puts too much pressure on individuals, leading them to feel inferior. To address this problem, she launched her brand Rare Beauty, with the goal of dismantling unrealistic beauty standards and changing the conversation. As a result of facing the negative consequences of such beauty ideals on her mental health, she intends to assist others who are grappling with similar issues.

Selena is also conscious of the connection between social media and mental health. Therefore, she encourages Rare Beauty employees to take “social detox” weekends, where they unplug from platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Her primary objective is to establish an environment where people can be comfortable in their own skin without having to conform to society’s expectations.

Bikini babe: This comes after Selena posed in a bikini for La'Mariette. She said the brand 'celebrates women who love their bodies unconditionally'. The Heart Wants What It Wants hitmaker took to Instagram to share a snap of her modelling one of the bold designs from her line with her friend, and she revealed the inspiration behind their collaboration

Selena Gomez took to social media to showcase her love for La’Mariette, a brand that confidently celebrates women’s bodies with their unique bikini line. She even sported one of their designs in a recent photo. Additionally, Selena shared a photo with a friend, wearing one of the standout items from her own collection. She explained how they collaborated and where the inspiration for the design came from.

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