Leo the Magnificent Maine Coon and His Loyal Feline Subjects

A Maine Coon cat residing in Chicago possesses an air of nobility that is hard to ignore. This furry feline has a penchant for donning beautiful crowns adorned with the most magnificent artificial flowers, further adding to his majestic appearance. Known for their natural magnetism and poise, Maine Coons are truly remarkable cats – and Leo is no different. His enchanting pictures have garnered him a massive following on Instagram. Despite being the one basking in the spotlight, Leo doesn’t mind sharing it with his fellow feline siblings – Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota. Keep reading to learn more about this charming cat and his adorable furry companions.

Can you describe Leo’s personality?
Let me share with you my experience with Leonidas, or Leo for convenience. He is a 6-year-old cat that has an impressive weight of 21 lbs. Leo is generally laid back and loves to spend his time lounging on the couch or chilling in our catio. However, when he gets hungry or needs attention, he can become quite demanding and would continually meow until he gets what he wants. Sometimes, he would even add some headbutts and paw pokes to emphasize his needs.

Have you ever wondered about Leo’s affinity towards wearing flower crowns? Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t say that he enjoys it per se, and the same goes for most cats out there. However, Leo is a good sport about it because he knows that he’ll receive treats for his cooperation. It’s kind of like compensating a model for their time, but instead of cash, it’s treats that he receives. I must emphasize that not all felines are okay with this kind of thing, even with treats involved. Among my cats, only Leo has the patience for it. Do note that the photos you see are just a fleeting moment in time – the crown is removed after only 5-10 seconds, and Leo gets his rewards.

Regarding the crowns themselves, I don’t personally design them. Most of them are purchased from my friend Yarely, who runs the lovely Instagram account @freyasfloralco. She’s an incredibly gifted individual when it comes to creating faux floral crowns!


Would you mind sharing some information about your feline companions, including Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie Kota? Lucy, the grey cat, became a part of our family at the age of 5 when we adopted her from PAWS Chicago. We kept her name as she was already familiar with it. At present, Lucy is 11 years old and my very first cat who is quite self-sufficient. She knows how to communicate her needs effectively, whether it be poking me when hungry or asking for water from the faucet. Additionally, she loves sitting on a warm lap and doesn’t mind sharing her space with other cats as long as they don’t disturb her.

When I was on the hunt for a new furry companion, I stumbled upon Ori – a Bengal cat from Leap of Faith Bengals in California. As I was looking for a name that would complement my other cat Leonidas and be inspired by Greek mythology, I landed on the name Orion. However, I wanted a shorter, two-syllable version of the name and thus, Ori was born. Currently, Ori is three years old and the most lively cat among my feline friends. He spends his days running on his cat wheel and often behaves like a mischievous younger sibling who constantly wants to play with his elder siblings Leo and Lucy. Sometimes, he gets reprimanded when the others aren’t in the mood to tolerate his antics. Despite this, Ori is a great foster brother. He’s gentle and caring towards all our foster cats and kittens and enjoys cuddling and grooming them.


During the past year, I had the pleasure of fostering two tabby cats named Birdie and Bunnie. However, despite my initial intention to find them a loving home, I ended up becoming their permanent owner – a common occurrence referred to as a “foster failure.” While the felines were previously called Laverne and Shirley, I had to give them new names due to an existing kitten with the same moniker as Shirley. Birdie earned her name by perching on our shoulders like a bird, while Bunnie was christened after her tendency to hop over whenever we called her. Interestingly, another family had expressed interest in adopting them, but they ultimately decided not to follow through with the adoption. The mere thought of losing these sweet cats made me realize that they had already won my heart, and I couldn’t bear parting with them. Apart from being affectionate and adorable, they also get along well with my other cats, making them a perfect addition to my household.

Could you explain what a working cat is?

Birdie and Bunnie

Let me introduce you to my furry friend Kota, who has a unique personality of his own. Despite being a dog, he behaves like a cat and often thinks of himself as one. The name Kota was chosen purely because I adored the sound of it and had no particular reason behind it. At four years old, he has proven to be the ideal companion for foster cats who need to adjust around dogs. Surprisingly, Kota enjoys the company of cats more than that of other dogs. He continuously follows me around and has become an essential part of my life that I cannot imagine living without.
On the other hand, Leo may appear serious and regal in pictures, but there’s something special about him that sets him apart. Leo loves being pampered and is quite a mama’s boy. He prefers being held like a baby, belly-up on my lap and enjoys being swung over my shoulder while I’m standing up.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Jane for spending some time with me and sharing amazing stories about her lovely pets. I am thrilled to present their pictures to our readers at Cattitude Daily, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did. Please feel free to share these adorable photos with other cat lovers you know who would appreciate seeing Leo and his stunning furry friends. Additionally, if you want to see more of Leo, Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota, don’t forget to check out their Instagram profile and give them a follow.

Leo, the Maine Coon, has an Instagram page that boasts a range of breathtaking pictures that highlight his charming and regal character.

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