Love in the Tropics: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Romantic Hawaiian Vacation with their Family.

During their Christmas holiday in Hawaii, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom showed the world that their love is stronger than ever by engaging in a fun activity with his son, Flynn. They went snorkelling together, taking their relationship to the next level and creating lasting memories while enjoying their family vacation under the sun.

 Katy looked great in a pale pink rhinestone one-piece swim suit


Katy looked absolutely breathtaking in a pink one-piece swimsuit embellished with rhinestones. She confidently showed off her well-toned body while spending quality time at the beach with Orlando and his son Flynn. This vacation is a clear indication that their relationship is going strong after getting back together earlier in the year. It’s worth noting that Katy and Orlando had dated previously in 2016.

 Orlando swam around the singer's feet

According to a snapshot taken by Splash News, while the singer was present, Orlando playfully swam around their feet.

 He was clearly giving her the look of love

Their relationship came to an end in March 2017, but recent sources reveal that they have reignited their romance after a delightful trip to the Maldives in February. Katy appears eager to give their love another chance, and it seems she cannot fully let him go. They are taking things at a steady pace and keeping their relationship discreet. It is undeniable that he still harbors deep affection for her.

 The pair got back together earlier this year after splitting in 2017

At the beginning of this year, the pair reignited their love story after separating in 2017.

 The Hollywood hunk took his son Flynn along for the trip

With his charming little boy Flynn by his side, the handsome Tinseltown star set out on an adventure.

 Katy and Orlando confirmed their reconciliation in February

Katy and Orlando confirmed that they were reunited in February.

 Katie was checking Orlando was still there

Katie recently checked on her relationship status with Orlando. The couple’s romance began in 2016 when they were spotted enjoying each other’s company at a Golden Globes afterparty. In March of the following year, they announced their decision to take some time apart from each other, but they remained respectful and friendly throughout the process. Both parties demonstrated maturity during the break. Towards the end of 2019, they were seen together at an Ed Sheeran concert and went paddleboarding together in California. However, sources have confirmed that they officially restarted their relationship this year. It is worth noting that Katy has a history of rekindling relationships with her exes, as she had reconciled with John Mayer five times before finally ending things in January 2016.

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