“Oopsie Daisy! Jennifer Aniston’s Little Black Dress Fails to Cover Up Wardrobe Malfunction”

The actress Jennifer Aniston, who recently attended the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new film Cake, suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when the camera flashes made her dress go completely see-through. Despite her stylish and sophisticated black dress with a pleated skirt, the 45-year-old forgot to wear a bra, and the paparazzi’s cameras captured her nipples on full display. This is not the first time that Jennifer has been caught without her underwear, even though she isn’t playing her iconic character Rachel Greene from Friends.

FLASH: The premiere might have been better if Jen had chosen to wear a bra. [SPLASH]

During the premiere of her movie, Jennifer Aniston faced an awkward wardrobe malfunction but handled it like a pro. She continued to pose with her co-stars Sam Worthington and Anna Kendrick while constantly sporting a smile. Later on, the actress cuddled up with her fiancé, Justin Theroux, in the afterparty. Although most of us remember her as Friends’ Rachel, we have also been fascinated by her various hairstyles. However, Jennifer’s acting skills are being recognized as there is now serious awards season buzz around her performance in Cake. In the movie, she plays a woman in chronic pain and goes completely make-up free. Winning an Oscar for this role would definitely be a great way to one-up her famous ex-husband, without any wardrobe malfunctions.

The buzz around Oscar nominations is heating up and Jen’s performance has been receiving high praise from critics.

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