Rachel from Friends: Jennifer Aniston’s Reflection on the Enduring Impact of Her Iconic Character and the Burden of Celebrity Status

Jennifer Aniston expressed that it was during The Good Girl when she truly got to bring the Rachel character to life.

Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Green


According to Bob Greenblatt, Chairman of WarnerMedia Entertainment, the cast of Friends is planning a reunion which is expected to have a fall premiere date. The plan is to still tape in front of a live studio audience, just like they did during the show’s 10-season run, as they believe there is value in having a big, energetic crowd to witness the six friends coming back together. Unlike many other shows that have turned to video technology to film reunions, the Friends cast wants to maintain the authenticity of their original format. Jennifer Aniston recently joked during an interview that she won’t be playing Rachel, although she kind of is. Although it’s not clear when exactly the reunion will be aired, fans are excited to see their beloved characters reunite on-screen once again.

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