“Scarlett Johansson Rejects Musical Adaptation Due to Ludicrous Salary Demands”

Scarlett Johansson had a strong passion for musicals while growing up, but by the time she was 13, her interest in this genre dried out. However, she eventually found her footing in Hollywood and became one of the most celebrated stars of this century. Despite her career being flooded with prominent roles that had nothing to do with musicals, her love for this art form never diminished. In the 2000s, Scarlett Johansson was approached by theater composer Andrew Lloyd Webber to make a stage play with her in the forefront. Initially, Johansson was engrossed in the idea, and her singing capabilities were witnessed in “Sing” and its sequel. However, things went south after her management company wasn’t sold on this idea and didn’t want their client participating in the project. Although it seemed the paycheck was the reason behind their disagreement, the management company claimed it was due to the actress’ commitment to other projects.

However, Scarlett Johansson hasn’t always prioritized her paycheck. Like fellow Marvel star Edward Norton, who doesn’t make much for his work in Wes Anderson’s movies, Johansson made a mere $4,131 a week for “Asteroid City.” In total, the actress made around $33,000 for her work, which isn’t common for an industry giant like Johansson, known for making millions for her work in the MCU. But considering working with an auteur like Wes Anderson is an honor for actors, the low paycheck didn’t prevail over her love for the art form. Also read: Jeremy Renner Became a Public Menace With His Comments Towards Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez That Left Fans Uneasy.

Apart from starring in big-budget Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the actress of “Marriage Story” has maintained a successful career. She has already earned a substantial amount of money from her work in the massive franchise, which allows her to pursue more whimsical projects regardless of the payday. “Asteroid City” will be available for streaming on Peacock next week.

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