“Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Toned Midriff in a Daring Lace Top”

Over the weekend, Selena Gomez was seen running errands in California while flaunting her svelte figure in a see-through midriff top. The talented singer and actress was spotted at a petrol station, filling up her car, wearing a revealing top that accentuated her slim waist.

Selena Gomez was spotted looking absolutely stunning while filling up her car with petrol. The young starlet rocked a midriff-baring lace top that added a hint of sexiness to her overall look. She paired the top with a simple yet stylish pair of grey skinny jeans and sandals. Completing her ensemble were a pair of large silver hoop earrings that added a touch of glamour to her outfit.

During her quick stop at the petrol station, Selena was seen chatting away on her phone, completely ignoring the various warning signs that advised against using mobile phones while filling up the car. Despite the risks, the singer seemed unfazed as she went about her business.

To add to her multitasking skills, Selena also took the opportunity to clean her car’s windscreen while filling up the tank. It’s clear that this beauty knows how to make the most out of her time!

Mischievous: Despite warnings about the hazards, the performer couldn’t resist using her cell phone.

Selena had a clear view as she wiped her windshield. However, the day after, she found herself in a confrontation with the paparazzi that led to her partner Justin Bieber losing his temper. Selena was seen trying to calm down the singer after the incident. The famous Wizards of Waverly Place actress was photographed trying to ease Justin’s anger by comforting him with gentle arm strokes and assisting him in gathering his belongings, including his hat and shoes which got knocked off during the altercation.

Selena Gomez, the former Disney darling, effortlessly donned a pair of grey skinny jeans, highlighting her svelte figure. On the other hand, news has surfaced that Justin Bieber is wanted by the police for an inquiry. A photographer recently accused the pop star of assaulting him. Unfortunately, before the authorities arrived at the scene, both Selena and Justin had already left, prompting the police to reach out to them for their side of the story.

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