“Shakira and Gerard Piqué Show Parental Support at Sons’ Soccer Practice in Sunny Miami”

It seems that Shakira’s offspring are taking after their talented dad. Recently, Gerard Piqué and the songstress cheered on their kids, Milan (six years old) and Sasha (four years old), during a practice session in Miami. The family, who are known for their various homes across the globe, were spending the Christmas break near the Florida beach.

Supportive pair: Shakira and her footballer, Gerard Piqué, cheered for their two sons Sasha, 4, and Milan, 6, during youth football - aka soccer - practice on Friday afternoon in Miami

On Friday, Shakira and Gerard Piqué were seen at a youth soccer practice in Miami, proudly supporting their children Sasha (4) and Milan (6). While watching from the sidelines, the couple appeared to be having a great time cheering on their young athletes.

Casual cutie: Shakira donned a vintage-inspired AC/DC jersey tee, which she paired with torn up, light-wash denim and chunky Nike kicks

Shakira went for a relaxed style while she watched her kids play football in Miami. The singer sported a vintage AC/DC jersey tee paired with ripped light-wash denim and Nike trainers. Even though Shakira is famous for her tight-fitting stage outfits, she opted for a more casual outfit during her family day out. She enjoyed the laid-back feel of the sidelines while her two sons took the spotlight on the field.

Taking charge: Youngest son Sasha looked on in awe as his mom spoke with him and brother, Milan's, hunky football coach

Sasha, the youngest among the family, observed his mother in awe as she spoke with great confidence to Milan’s charming football coach. She looked stunning in her retro AC/DC jersey coupled with ripped light-washed jeans and chunky Nike sneakers. Her partner, Piqué, who is a center-back player for Barcelona, also donned the Nike brand, wearing a white hoodie and grey sneakers. It was apparent that football played a significant role in their household. Shakira, the Colombian singer, had a broad smile on her face as she relished every moment of the practice.

Love story: Shakira and her 32-year-old Spanish boyfriend have been together for nearly a decade

Shakira has been in a romantic relationship with her Spanish partner for almost a decade now. The couple’s kids were spotted sporting matching soccer gear, complete with yellow and grey cleats. Shakira first encountered her partner during the filming of her song ‘Waka Waka’ which was released for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It’s worth noting that Piqué’s squad emerged victorious that year, while Shakira performed during the final match. Despite being in touch since 2010, their love story only began in 2011.

Two gifts: The couple would go on to have two sons together who are only two years apart

A duo who has been fortunate enough to have two boys in quick succession. In 2012, Shakira took to Instagram to share the news with her followers that she was pregnant with her footballer partner’s child. Two years later, after the birth of their first son Milan, the pair disclosed their second pregnancy and welcomed Sasha into their family in 2015. Although not wed, Shakira and Gerard Piqué have discussed their household and how they are relishing each moment spent with their kids. Recently, the couple was spotted cheering on their offspring during a soccer training session in Miami.

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