Shakira Proudly Shows Off Her Growing Belly as She Stands by Gerard Pique’s Side, Accompanied by Their Adorable Son Milan

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Milan, the toddler son of professional footballer Gerard Pique, made quite the impression when he attended a Barcelona match dressed in a full team outfit. At almost two years old, it was clear that Milan was a big fan of the game, as he watched the match intently alongside his mother, Shakira. Gerard Pique was thrilled to have his family with him at the game, and couldn’t resist hugging his son during a break in play. It’s clear that Milan has inherited his father’s love for the sport!

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Shakira recently shared her family plans with Europa Press. She and Gerard Pique are expecting another child and would love to have a big family. Shakira also revealed that during her pregnancy, she’s taking a different approach by focusing on accomplishing fewer tasks at once.

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Looking after myself, my firstborn Milan, and my pregnancy is always at the top of my to-do list. It can be a bit tricky at times, but I make sure to prioritize it every day. Right now, my husband Gerard and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our second baby boy. While we would love to have a big family, we’re taking things step by step and focusing on this new addition to our family for the time being. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe one day we’ll be blessed with a little girl!

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