“Sun, Sand, and Celebrity: Exploring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s Hamptons Retreat in a Red-Hot Bathing Suit”

Scarlett Johansson and her partner, Colin Jost, had an amazing time sailing with their friends in the Hamptons. Despite the worries that may have come to mind, the group had a great time soaking up the sun on a beautiful yacht. Scarlett looked stunning in her burgundy swimsuit, savoring every moment spent with her loved ones. She sported a trendy low-cut bikini top along with high-waisted bottoms, and also wore a white baseball cap to safeguard her lovely skin from the blazing sun.

Red-y or not! Scarlett Johansson wowed in a wine red bikini while relaxing on board a boat with her husband and several friends off the coast of the Hamptons on Friday

Scarlett Johansson took a break from her busy schedule and enjoyed some downtime on a luxurious boat off the coast of the Hamptons. She looked absolutely stunning in a gorgeous wine red bikini, soaking up the sun’s warmth while rocking stylish shades and a stunning gold pendant necklace. Accompanied by her friends, the Hollywood actress had a great time indulging in summer activities such as sunbathing and fishing. Scarlett couldn’t help but capture their fun moments on her phone, with a huge smile on her face, enjoying every second of their exciting summer getaway.

Boat loads of fun! The actress basked in the sunshine in a wine red bikini

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Toweling off: She wrapped a navy blue towel around her waist as she hung out on the deck

The boat ride was an absolutely awe-inspiring experience! The passenger enjoyed soaking up the sun’s rays and looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful burgundy swimsuit.

Keeping connected: Despite enjoying some fun in the sun, she was still connected to her phone

As she basked in the cozy rays of the sun, she ensured to keep in touch with her dear ones using her reliable mobile device.

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

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Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

A stunning lady was seen sporting a cap and sunglasses, safeguarding herself from the harmful rays of the sun. The atmosphere around her was full of energy and excitement.

Rest and relax! Johansson admired the ocean views as her friend topped up her tan beside her

Why not take a breather and appreciate the beauty around you? Just recently, Scarlett Johansson was seen lounging on the beach with a buddy while taking in the breathtaking view of the ocean. The acclaimed performer has been candid about her previous smoking habits and how she now regrets them. While enjoying a day at the beach, she donned blue swim trunks and also wore a life jacket and helmet to try out a thrilling water sport.

Fun in the sun! Scarlett beamed with happiness as she captured the fun on her phone as a friend went fishing

Scarlett was having a great time soaking up the sun’s rays! She couldn’t help but smile as she took out her phone to snap some amazing photos of her fishing adventure with a friend.

Hydrate: She enjoyed a canned drink as she relaxed in the sun

Basking in the sunshine, a woman delighted in savoring a chilled beverage. The coolness of the drink invigorated her senses and she relished the tranquil ambiance of pure relaxation.

Leggy lady! Scarlett put on a leggy display as she climbed upstairs

Check out these amazing photos of Scarlett’s beautiful lengthy legs as she gracefully climbs up a staircase.

Kicking back! The actress took a seat on the staircase

The female artist appeared calm and comfortable as she sat on the steps. Be sure to browse through the assortment for additional images.

Let's do this! Scarlett explored the high seas on a jet ski

Are you in the mood for an exciting ride? Well, it seems that the renowned Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson certainly is! Recently, the beloved star had a thrilling experience on a jet ski with her partner Colin Jost. While Colin was surfing and caught a wave or two, he unfortunately took a tumble. The couple, who have been married for two years, are proud parents to their son Cosmo Jost, and are also co-parenting Scarlett’s daughter Rose Dorothy from her previous marriage. The family welcomed another precious addition in August 2021. With plenty of things going on, including her successful acting career and the launch of her beauty brand The Outsett, it’s no wonder that Scarlett is always ready for some excitement and heart-pumping activities. Would you like to tag along with this A-list celebrity on her next adventure?

Making waves! Jost ditched the shirt as he stood at the edge of the boat

Jost came up with a fun idea to add some thrill to the atmosphere by taking off his shirt and standing on the boat’s edge, creating a buzz among the people in the water nearby.

H2-Whoa! Colin tried his hand out at some hydrofoil surfing

Colin had an incredible experience trying out hydrofoil surfing! Be sure to check out the gallery which features some truly stunning photos.

Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

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Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson have recently welcomed their new bundle of joy, Cosmo, into the world. The happy couple shared their excitement with the public through a post on Jost’s Instagram account. If you are interested in learning more about the newborn, don’t hesitate to reach out to their spokesperson. Currently taking a break from work, Scarlett is enjoying her summer vacation before she gears up for her next project, The Sea Change. The film, directed by Kristen Scott Thomas and produced by Thorsten Schumacher, is based on Elizabeth Jane Howard’s book and centers around a troubled marriage that takes an unexpected turn during a trip to a secluded Greek island. While details about Scarlett’s character are still unknown, fans are eagerly anticipating updates on this highly anticipated film.

Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

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Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

Why not try it out? On the weekend, the artist put on a pair of blue shorts, a life jacket, and a helmet for an exciting adventure.

Now it's his turn! Jost also jumped onto the jet ski

“Come on, let’s give it a go!” Josť exclaims with excitement as he hops onto the jet ski, eager to enjoy himself.

Come on in, the water's fine! Colin dove perfectly into the water

Hey, how about taking a dip with me? The water feels amazing! Oh, and did you catch Colin’s impressive jump into the pool?

Family matters: Scarlett and her husband Colin have been married for two years and share one-year-old son Cosmo Jost together. Scarlett also shares daughter Rose Dorothy with French journalist ex-husband Romain Dauriac

How about we chat about the lovely family of Scarlett and Colin? They’ve been happily married for a while and have an adorable son named Cosmo Jost. But wait, there’s more! Scarlett is also a proud mother to her daughter, Rose Dorothy, from her previous marriage to French journalist, Romain Dauriac.

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