“The Fierce and Fearless Calico Cat: Overcoming Locked Fridges and Cabinets with an Insatiable Appetite.”

As someone who owns a cat, it’s crucial to monitor your furry companion’s weight. Nevertheless, some cats are content and healthy despite being a bit overweight. Bristol, England is home to a clever black-and-white cat who adores feasting on delectable treats. This cat’s owner, Sara Matthews, had to resort to using child locks on the fridge because of his voracious appetite, but the cunning feline managed to outsmart them!

Keith was a homeless feline with no one to call his own until Sara came to his rescue. He had been struggling with digestive problems and malnutrition for quite some time. In an effort to both commemorate her daughter’s 10th birthday and support her in managing her autism, Sara opted to take Keith under her wing. Despite her warm reception and hospitality, the rascally cat would often roam around the premises after hours to raid the fridge and cupboards for snacks.

The family came to realize that their feline companion had a never-ending craving for food. To address this issue, Sara decided to buy locks to keep the cat from overindulging. She shared that their pet would devour anything it could find, from veggies to pizza crusts taken from their own and their neighbors’ trash cans.

Sara had no idea about Keith’s impressive intellect and determination. One day, she put a heavy bag in front of the cabinet to stop the mischievous cat from playing with it. But to her surprise, Keith used his massive 24-pound body instead of his agile paws to move the bag out of the way.

The woman shared that her furry friend had a habit of sneaking into the refrigerator every time she opened it, which worried her as she feared he might get stuck inside without her realizing it. As a precautionary measure, she has resorted to keeping his food in plastic containers with tightly sealed lids to prevent any mishaps. She tried using puzzle feeders, but they proved to be ineffective since he would just knock them over.

For the past 7 years, Keith, a 9-year-old cat, has been getting bigger and bigger, which has been worrying his owner. Although Sara has tried to limit his food intake, Keith has managed to put on more weight. After some investigation, it was revealed that Keith had been sneaking into the neighbor’s bins to find extra food. To make matters worse, Keith’s medication for stomach problems has actually contributed to his weight gain, so he needs an appetite booster to encourage him to eat.

It was revealed that Keith, in his early days, had been prescribed a special diet to address his gastrointestinal problems. However, as he aged, he developed an unquenchable hunger that caused him to overeat and swipe food from his feline companions. The family was concerned about how this would affect Keith’s overall health and happiness. Sara even went the extra mile by spending roughly US$3459.96 to safeguard Keith against any possible illnesses.

Sara shared that their furry feline friend has been quite a costly companion throughout the years. From the time he was a little kitten, he had eye and ear problems that necessitated numerous medications. Moreover, his wellness diet cost them a whopping £70 per bag, which they bought for three years straight. As of late, they shelled out a hefty sum of £2,500 for a blood test, hoping to pinpoint his condition as either Cushing’s disease or diabetes. Unfortunately, the results turned out negative.

Sara never gave up on trying to save her beloved cat, even after spending a lot of money and shedding tears. Unfortunately, social media users did not appreciate when she shared Keith’s progress in losing weight, despite all the sacrifices she made.

Sara disclosed that they have been receiving unfavorable comments online concerning their feline’s size. Previously, she would have assumed that they were not taking good care of their cat or overfeeding him. Nonetheless, they sought advice from a veterinary nutrition expert, and they were assured that they have been taking all the necessary steps to ensure their cat’s health. Although the negative remarks are painful, they firmly believe in their actions and are confident that they are providing the best possible care for their cherished pet.

Despite the fact that Sara’s knowledge of Keith’s weight remains unclear, it appears that he is in good health and content. Keith has amassed a considerable fanbase on Instagram, with nearly 95,000 followers eagerly anticipating his next posts. In addition, Sara owns two other feline companions that could assist her daughter in enhancing her social abilities.

Sara shares that her feline companion, Keith may not be the lightest cat around, but he’s always full of joy and satisfaction. She asserts that Keith is unperturbed by his weight and continues to enjoy his everyday life like any other cat. In fact, Sara even observes that Keith seems to be more energetic and spirited than her other two cats.

Sara’s loved ones, as well as the person Keith is at odds with, are looking to the divine for reassurance and direction. They seek to find joy, wellness, and unconditional affection through God’s grace.

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