“The Overlooked Feline: The Story of a Grumpy Shelter Cat”

Late one night, Francisca Franken was browsing through her local animal shelter’s website when she stumbled upon an unusual cat. The cat’s unique features, including a flat face, scrappy appearance, and forlorn eyes caught her attention. She couldn’t resist stopping from scrolling further.
In an interview with The Dodo, Franken admitted that she fell in love with the cat’s portrait at first sight. She found the photographs amusing and couldn’t believe she had never seen a cat like this before.

In a hurry, she dashed off a message to the animal shelter hoping beyond hope that the kitty was still up for grabs. Her anxiousness kept her up all night, worrying about whether or not the shelter would respond. When she finally reached out to them, they were surprised that she was interested in Bean. According to her, the woman on the other end of the line was taken aback and thought she had clicked on the wrong feline. Apparently, no one had shown an interest in Bean before.

Bean was a stray cat who lived in a trailer park before she found her way to the shelter. Unfortunately, she had never experienced the love and care of a home, and was suffering from various illnesses, including an eye infection. Fortunately, Franken was determined to give Bean the life she deserved.

Franken fondly recalls the first time he met Bean. He was escorted to her room by a kind woman, and what he saw left him speechless. Bean was a tiny, petite cat with stubby legs, a small tail, and a flat face that was unlike any other cat Franken had seen before. Despite his initial surprise, Franken felt overwhelmed with emotion, and burst into tears upon seeing Bean. She was nothing like he had imagined, but at the same time, she was everything he could have hoped for and more.

Franken wasted no time in bringing Bean to her new home, and the cat wasted no time in showing her gratitude towards her new owner. Franken noticed that Bean was exceptionally loving and clingy towards her in the beginning. However, as time passed, Franken believes that Bean realized she did not have to pretend to be affectionate anymore as she knew that Franken would never abandon her again. Thus, she began displaying her sassy and sarcastic side to Franken, which the latter didn’t mind as she appreciated Bean’s authenticity.

Bean, the adorable pet of Franken, has become inseparable from her owner. She shares the bed with Franken every night and follows her everywhere she goes. Interestingly, Bean’s favorite food is olives, apart from her mother. The mere scent of olives or olive brine makes Bean go crazy. The first time she tasted an olive was when she snatched it from Franken’s hand during her late-night snack. Since then, Bean has been stealing olives and hiding under the sofa to savor her treat.

Isoprenoids, which have a chemical resemblance to catnip, are present in green olives and pimentos. Bean is so enamored with these savory treats that she yells at her mom when she takes them out from the refrigerator. Luckily, olives are acceptable for cats when given in moderation, so Franken gives Bean a few as a prize.


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