“Throwback to Jennifer Aniston’s Bold Fashion Move: Flaunting Exposed Bra 28 Years Ago”

During her time on Friends, Jennifer Aniston portrayed the fashionable Rachel Green, who worked for well-known brands such as Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s. However, prior to Rachel’s rise to fashion fame, Aniston was already a style icon, impressing everyone with her stunning red carpet looks. One noteworthy example of her bold fashion sense occurred in 1995, just a year after Friends debuted, when she rocked the “exposed bra” trend that would become popular among Hollywood celebrities years later. This daring style has since been worn by various celebrities, with Jennifer Lawrence famously wearing it under a sheer dress, Emily Ratajkowski even wearing a bra as a top, and gowns with built-in visible bras becoming increasingly popular and gracing the most exclusive events.

Jennifer Aniston wears a black knit top, pants, and heels at the VH1 Honors event in 1995.

28 Years Ago, Jennifer Aniston Rocked The Exposed Bra Trend

Why do they let Jennifer Aniston's nips show visibly on Friends almost  every episode? Does no one from the network tell her to wear a bra? - Quora

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