Throwback: When Pink and Shakira rocked the same dress at VMA’s!

MTV’s Video Music Awards proved to be quite an eventful night! The audience was treated to an incredible tribute by Janet Jackson to her late brother Michael as she concluded a stunning dance medley with “Scream.” Additionally, a certain blonde artist delivered a performance that was truly “Gaga,” and viewers were left yelling at the TV when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

Adding to the drama, the paparazzi captured every woman’s worst nightmare as Pink and Shakira appeared in the identical studded leather Balmain dress! Surprisingly, the two singers didn’t seem to mind and even took a picture together.

We can’t help but wonder how this all came about. Don’t fashion brands carefully select who gets to borrow their dresses? It’s a tough call, but which look do you prefer – Shakira rocking her thigh-highs or Pink keeping it classic with pumps?

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