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Katy Perry is our favorite entertainer who never fails to bring fun vibes to the stage. She isn’t afraid to experiment with her fashion and beauty choices, which makes her even more enjoyable to watch. Recently, she flaunted a new purple hairstyle, prompting “Closer.fr” to revisit her various hair transformations throughout the years.

L'évolution coiffure de Katy Perry

Attribution: Image courtesy of Abaca

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Katy Perry et sa coiffure d'ado

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Katy Perry version pin-up

Attribution: The image used in this content is credited to Abaca.


Credit for the image used in this content goes to Abaca.

La cascade de cheveux de Katy perry

The credit for the image goes to abaca.

Katy Perry passe au lissé brésilien

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Katy Perry et sa coiffure wavy

The credits for the photo go to abaca.

Katy Perry passe au carré strict

Credit for the image goes to abaca.

Quelques mèches de couleur dans la chevelure de Katy Perry

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Katy Perry version Bettie Page sous acides

Credit for the image goes to Abaca.

Katy perry et la perruque bleue ultra longue

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La nouvelle lubie de la star ? Le rose évidemment !

Attribution: Abaca

Photo credit goes to Abaca.

Une coiffure de mémère pour Katy Perry

Attribution: abaca


Photo attribution goes to abaca.

Katy Perry et son rose pétant

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Cette fois-ci, Katy Perry passe à la vraie teinture bleue

Credit for the photo goes to abaca.

Un chignon coque pour Katy Perry

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Katy perry et sa queue de cheval turquoise

Credit for the image goes to abaca.

La frange roulée de Katy Perry

Photo courtesy: abaca

Katy perry à la banane !

Credit for the photo goes to abaca.

Peu à peu, Katy Perry sombre dans le violet

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Depuis Coachella, la chanteuse arbore une chevelure violette

Katy Perry is known for her fearless hair transformations that are just as frequent as her shoe changes. Fans eagerly anticipate and admire every new hair adventure she embarks on, wishing they too could rock a striking crimson, vibrant orange, or deep navy shade. Over the last five years, the pop star has effortlessly reinvented herself with each hairstyle, keeping her fans constantly guessing. After rocking black waves for a while, Katy embraced her quirky side and went for cotton candy pink and electric blue hues inspired by Kate Winslet. But she doesn’t just stop at colors – Katy loves to experiment with vintage curls and retro updos that would make even Dita Von Teese envious. And her latest hair venture? A seductive and alluring purple shade that we absolutely adore! Each hair session is a celebration of her creativity, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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